Finding the Right Communication Solutions for Solopreneurs

Posted by on May 11, 2017 8:00 am

There are so many choices to make about a modern business, and if you are a solopreneur, every choice matters more than it might for a business with multiple staff members. As a simple illustration of this, consider your communications solutions. If you choose the wrong options, you may find customers unhappy with the amount of time it takes to get service or a response. You might miss calls and fail to retrieve messages. There can be so many problems if your system for communications has even a single weak link.

Fortunately, the need for entrepreneurial level communications tools has led to the creation of some wonderful innovations. First, though, let’s take a minute to consider just what you will need as a solopreneur or independent professional in terms of communications.

  • Phone numbers – Toll free and local as well as the option for keeping any existing number
  • Recorded greetings and the appropriate number of extensions, directories or on hold options.
  • Call handling that directs callers to the appropriate segment, number or service.
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding and screening
  • Fax to email
  • A variety of voicemail options
  • Readable voicemails
  • Fax on demand
  • Customer service redirecting or third-party integration
  • Outbound calling

That is a tremendous list of features, yet all of them are readily available with services like Grasshopper and Both services understand that a solopreneur or independent professional is going to be very limited in the number of calls they can handle. They also understand how many will use tools like drop shipping, order fulfillment or white label products that require an extensive amount of customer service support without any waiting time or return calls.

Obviously, the key is to consider just what elements of communications you will require to get your job done. At the very least, consider if you are going to be a digital nomad or frequently away from a traditional office. If so, you need to make some decisions that let you use your smartphone like a portable office. This is where a site like Grasshopper is so useful as it really does channel many of its services through your phone. As an example, you can use your personal phone to send a business text from the number you have selected for the business. You can get all voicemails transcribed to your email.

If you are traveling from country to country, using a service like Skype is also wise as it lets you pay for time and use video calling that brings networking to a much more effective level than a text or even a well-written email. Communication is key to success, be sure you make the right choices.

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