Solopreneur WordPress Themes: What You Should Know

Posted by on November 14, 2016 8:00 am


When it comes to building a website today, WordPress remains the undisputed king, the world heavyweight champion, the top dog.

(Pick your favorite metaphor.)

Even if you’re not interested in just running a blog, WordPress offers a significant number of benefits. It’s simple, intuitive, powerful and stable, and you can either run your site through WordPress itself, or you can use their framework on your choice of web host.

(That said, it’s highly recommended that you get your own domain name, signup up with a web hosting service like Bluehost that makes WordPress installation virtually one-click easy.)

A major secret to the platform’s success is their use of themes – are there any solopreneur WordPress themes out there? The answer is yes, quite a few.


We’ll start our discussion with perhaps the most obvious of all solopreneur themes – just check the name. Solopreneur was developed by Fancy Themes, and features a responsive design with custom landing pages. The design itself can be customized, and it does support opt-in landing pages. It’s mobile friendly, supports all major browsers, and provides a widgetized sidebar. Localizing the theme is simple too if you have a non-English site in mind.


If you’re looking for a light, elegant theme that can be customized to your preferences, then Samantha might be the right option. It features a responsive design, and is compatible with WooCommerce. The colors and header can be easily customized, and there’s a built-in newsletter form that can be used as an opt-in. You’ll also appreciate the multiple layout options that make configuration simple. Use the four promo boxes to promote your newest or hottest offers.


Light and feminine, Rachel is one of the ideal options in solopreneur WordPress themes thanks to its features and functionality. The sticky menu is a nice touch, and it’s ready for localization. It features three promo boxes (one less than Samantha), and it’s been designed to support banner ads as well. You can easily change the colors used throughout without needing to code a single thing, and the design is responsive, too.

Workstation Pro

Workstation Pro is an older theme, but it’s still one of the best solopreneur WordPress themes on the market. The big, bold images make it great for showcasing creative work, physical products and more, and it’s also responsive. It can be customized to almost any degree you want, and it’s responsive so mobile browsers will feel right at home. The header is customizable, and there are plenty of options available to tweak the theme to your preferences.

Hello Pro

Are you a coach? Maybe you’re a social media expert. Whatever the case, the Hello Pro theme helps you build your personal brand and your online presence at the same time. It features custom page templates, and a responsive design. The header can be customized to meet your needs, and there’s a widget area, too. Use the three layout options to find the perfect solution for your business needs, and if necessary, translate it quickly.

There are plenty of other solopreneur WordPress themes out there, ranging from those designed for photographers to writers to standard businesses. With a little time and research, you can find the ideal theme for your project, no matter what you’re doing in search of online success.

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