Different Strokes When It Comes to Solopreneur Lifestyle Choices

Posted by on September 20, 2016 8:00 am


Ahem. Since the topic is the solopreneur lifestyle, why am I not writing this from a beach in Thailand?

No. Really. Why aren’t I?

I’ll answer that when I start to wrap up this screed, but let’s touch a few other bases before I start to get up close and personal with all you strangers.

You see, starting your own business and becoming a solopreneur can be a great way to embark on a rewarding career. However, it’s not all about your career. In fact, becoming a solopreneur is as much about the lifestyle you want to live as it is about the career you want to follow. What sort of solopreneur lifestyle choices might you have? What sort of lifestyle can you live while running your own solo business?

The side gig solopreneur lifestyle

For many solopreneurs, their business is actually a side gig, rather than their full-time occupation. Side Hustle Nation captures this sentiment as well as anyone out there. And if you’re looking for inspiration to create an income stream in parallel with your day gig, you need to check in there.

In the big picture, you might choose to split your time between running your business and working for another company, between your business and your family, or something else. If you have enough income from other sources, then your solopreneur business doesn’t have to be the “cash cow” that everyone assumes, which allows you to pursue not only an income but also your passions and interests.

Being involved with your kids

Another reason that many people choose to become a solopreneur is to spend more time with their families. It’s impossible to be involved and active in the lives of your children if you’re working 40, 50 or 60 hours for someone else just to make the ends meet. By starting your own business, you can control your hours (he writes with a sly, knowing smile on his face).

Even if you still work the equivalent of a full-time job, you can choose when, where and for whom you work. That allows you to structure your work schedule around your family’s schedule, spending more time with your kids and your spouse and strengthening those bonds, while being there when they need you.

Get out and travel – Digital Nomads

beach-84533_640Quite a few people become solopreneurs for the opportunity to travel. In some cases, the business funds the ability to go anywhere, at any time. For others, travel is the business. Countless individuals have turned their love of travel into a business through a travel blog, videos, books, social media and much more. This solopreneur lifestyle allows you to make an income doing exactly what you love, and in most cases, you can bring your family along for the ride (assuming you have a significant other and kids). However, it’s not just about families. You can get friends and companions involved here, too.

There’s a whole industry springing up to support solopreneurs who are passionate about travel. We call these people, digital nomads. Web Work Travel is one of the top sites to get familiar with if you want to mix wanderlust with entrepreneurship.

It’s all about controlling your destiny

The most important thing to understand about being a solopreneur is that it fosters control of your life, and gives you the ability to follow the path of your choosing. That control is what’s lacking from the conventional career path of working for a firm. You’re free to enjoy just about any solopreneur lifestyle you want, whether that’s spending time with your kids, traveling the globe, being active in supporting your local community, environmental activism or something completely different.

And that brings me to why I’m not on a beach in Thailand. I’m a native Californian who spent all his live in the state until around eight years ago when my wife and I moved to Nashville. Honestly, I love it here. I play music – although not country and western – and there are great places to perform. The people are more friendly than any I’ve ever met. The weather is pretty darn good, and the cost of living is quite reasonable. Maybe not Thailand reasonable, but definitely U.S. reasonable.

So I’m exactly where I want to be.

And you should be too.


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